be a team player in basketball

How to Be a Team Player in Basketball

Last week, we discussed the qualities of a great basketball team. This week, we’re going to focus more on what you can do as an individual to ensure that you and your team are successful. The simple fact that you are reading this article means that you desire to be a good teammate, which is the first and most important step. It shows that you’re committed to playing team basketball and playing a selfless brand of basketball that’s focused on winning. Below is everything you need to know to learn how to be a team player in basketball.


Show up to Practice

By showing up to practice, it’s not just about physically being there. A good teammate will give it his all in practice. A good teammate will give advice to others and push others to be the best they can possibly be. He will execute all drills and plays in practice to perfection. By taking practice seriously and stepping outside of their comfort zone in practice, a player can help himself and his teammates grow tremendously. Even if you are not one of the more talented players on the team, you can still be a leader and set an example to your teammates by playing hard during practice.


Play to Your Strengths

To be a team player, you have to know your role and play to your strengths. During practice, it’s okay to work on weaknesses and try to do things differently. Games however, aren’t a time to experiment. During games, you shouldn’t try to play above your capabilities, but simply do what the team expects you to do. By playing to your strengths, you will be helping your team win and keep team chemistry intact. 


Communicates With Teammates

A good team player is one that is in constant communication with their teammates and coaches. On the court, a team player will be calling out screens, switches, play-calls and other signals. By taking the initiative to communicate, you will build trust, team chemistry and cohesion with your teammates on the court. You will also encourage others to do the same and lead by example. Communicating with teammates is not only important during games, but during practices so that you can build good habits. It’s also important to communicate off the court so that you can build a deeper chemistry with your teammates. You don’t have to be best friends, but getting to know them outside of basketball will help you build trust and respect amongst each other.


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