STAR League (3 on 3)



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The STAR League program is specifically designed to introduce participants to the fun and competitive system of FIBA 3 on 3 basketball. One of the primary features of the league will be rotating competitions between teams, providing athletes with a unique experience playing with and against a diverse selection of competitors. Playing in the fast paced 3 on 3 format will provide multiple benefits to each athletes such as:

  • More player involvement with smaller team sizes. 
  • Better team communication on the court
  • More freedom to develop individual scoring skills
  • Additional spacing, greater opportunities and more reps.
  • Much faster pace moving from offense to defense and vice versa which enhances quick decision making and less overthinking simple mistakes.


Inaugural Tournament 2024:

August 18 & 19 Full Day Tournaments 

8 teams max for each age bracket groupings

3-5 players allowed per team

Ages: 8 – 9 : Boys & Girls Divisions

Ages: 10 – 11 : Boys & Girls Divisions

Ages: 12 – 13 : Boys & Girls Divisions

Ages: 14 – 15 : Boys & Girls Divisions

15 mins running time

Game day play:
Tournament play will take place based on age groups. All players will play a minimum of 3

games refereed by an TAC staff. It will be a round robin style tournament with playoff games
game format.
Round up a team of friends and get ready for 2 days of basketball excitement!

To be eligible to play in this age group, the player must not have reached that age within the
current season.

The # of teams will be determined by the number of entries but limited to no more than 10
teams per age group.

Round Robin games for seeding

Championship Playoff Rounds (Day 2)


STAR League Program Details

11 weeks

Fall 2024

Playoff Tournament Dec 7 & 8





Skill Level:


Recommended for players that have played on rep, middle school or high school teams (Suggested Ages: 8-15)

*Teams will be grouped according to age and skill level


Awards for winning teams and player awards.

Maximum 8 teams in each age bracket

4 Players per team

Can register as a full team or a single player

Every successful shot inside the arc shall be awarded 1 pt.
Every successful shot outside the arc shall be awarded 2 pts.
Every successful free throw shall be awarded 1 pt.
Playing time/Winner of Game
First team to 15 pts or more wins the game if it happens before the end of regular playing time.
Regular playing time is 15 minutes running clock.
If the game is tied and hasn’t reached 15 pts when regulation time expires, the first team to 2
points wins in overtime.
Double Elimination Tournament.
More Rules to follow day of event.

Half Court Games (FIBA Rules)×3-basketball-rules-full-version.pdf