Basketball Advice for Players

Basketball Advice For Players

Basketball Advice For Players

The best basketball players are always looking to improve their game and have a growth mindset. Regardless of what they have accomplished or whether they feel like they need to improve, they are always aiming to do so. Through years of wisdom in playing and coaching the game, our coaches at TAC Force have compiled some of the best basketball advice for players.


Watch Basketball

One of the most important things to do as a basketball player is to make sure to watch the game. Whether it’s the NBA, college or a local youth game, taking inspiration from other basketball players is key. When doing anything in life you need some form of inspiration. As a writer, you would read other books to see how other authors write so that you can take elements from their work. This applies no matter what your passion is. To be able to replicate and/or build upon others’ work is what humans have been doing for centuries and has led to the evolution of society. You should watch basketball not only to study individuals, but to study teams so that you are able to grasp what a good team looks like.


Play Pick-up Games In the Off Season

If you are on a team and have months off during the off season, don’t just focus solely on individual training. Instead, get into a gym and play against worthy competition. Whether that’s at a local YMCA, an organized run or a basketball camp, it’s important to play against others. Making shots on an open net is something anybody can do, but being able to do it against worthy opponents is difficult. 


Practice at Game Speed

You can only truly improve your game when simulating a real game environment. Pick up games and scrimmages allow you to do this only if you make the conscious effort to play at game speed. Also, when doing your own drills and training it’s important to do so at game speed. Complete your workouts with assertion and make hard cuts, quick shots, fast dribbles (etc). Practice as though you are in a real game with high intensity. 


Be Coachable

You have to be a humble and coachable player if you want to improve and fit in well within a team. Never be too proud to take advice or feedback from coaches. They are most likely trying to help you improve rather than put you down. You have to show them the proper respect and be sure to listen to them. Put yourself in their shoes and realize the stress and responsibility they have in coaching a team and dealing with parents.


Register for TAC Force’s Programs

To help you improve your skills and become a better basketball player, we offer a multitude of different camps and lessons so that you can maximize your potential. We also have competitive teams and house leagues for you to play on to become a better athlete through competition. To learn more about our programming, click on the button below.


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