About Us

The TAC Force goal is to give student athletes access to the game of basketball. Basketball is the second most popular sport in the world. But gaining access to the game has always been a challenge to many enthusiastic basketball players, including fans of the game. TAC Force aims to help this issue by giving athletes an elevated experience of the game by providing special events and activities such as; workshops clinics, house leagues, and basketball camps.

TAC Force participants will learn basic to advanced skills while creating new friendships and having fun. We are a youth basketball academy dedicated to preparing athletes for the challenges faced on and off the court. As members of Basketball Ontario with years of experience, you can count on us to adhere to the highest standards in athleticism, coaching, and training. If you are the parents of children interested in playing basketball, we have something for everyone at TAC Force.

The TAC Difference

We at TAC Force believe that knowledge, growth and leadership are the key pillars to a successful sports career. We believe that students and parents should be empowered with the proper knowledge and expectations in competitive basketball.


TAC Sports Accreditations


Partners in Sport

Active for Life  Long Term Player DevelopmentNational Coaching Certification ProgramJr. NBA | National Basketball Retired Players Association

All our coaches are accredited from the following organizations.

National Coaching Certification Program

High Five Sports