Best basketball drills to do on your own

The 3 Best Basketball Drills to Do On Your Own

Basketball is a game where it’s easy to work on your game and improve. You don’t need a lot of equipment or a lot of time, you just need to set aside an hour of your day to practice on your own. Playing with others in practices, pick-up games and scrimmages is important, but solo work is something that cannot be overlooked. Below are some of the best basketball drills to do on your own. 


Range Shooting

Every time you step into a basketball gym the first thing that you should do is range shooting. This can not only help you to improve but it will help you warm up in any situation whether it’s a game, practice or just your own shoot-around. With range shooting, you start by taking shots close to the basket and work your way back. You can start by making 5 shots from 3 feet, then 5 shots from 6 feet, 5 from 9 feet (etc). When you take your 5 shots be sure to go all around the basket after each shot you make moving from the corner to the wing, to the centre and so on. The idea with this drill is that it will help you to maintain proper technique the further away from the hoop you go. 


Defensive Slides With Shooting

This drill combines defence and shooting and allows you to practice both. In this drill you put the ball down at a short distance and start sliding from the far end of the sideline back to the ball. You will then pick the ball up and shoot. After shooting, quickly rebound the ball and put the ball down again to repeat. This will help you to work on your defence, lateral quickness, conditioning and shooting simultaneously. 


Stationary Dribbling

Many players will go into the gym to work on their shot but neglect their handles. In order to get off your shot in a game you have to have a strong handle. One of the best drills to help you improve your ball handling is stationary dribbling. In this drill, you want to stay in one place and get into a low athletic stance while pound dribbling as hard as you can. You then want to add moves such as crossovers, between the legs and behind the back dribbles as you go along. Be sure to dribble with both hands while maintaining good posture and keeping your head up. 


Layup Line

This drill seems basic but is necessary. Layup lines are a drill people of all levels do, even NBA players. The layup line drill can be done on your own. Simply start from the wing and take as few dribbles as possible to do a layup. Then switch to the other side and do a layup with your other hand. You can also add different variations of layups or try dribbling in from the centre. Converting on your layups in-game is key as there are too many times when players miss layups that should be easy and cost their team points. Mastering open layups will also help you to convert on layups in traffic. 


These are the best basketball drills to do on your own and improve your game. Although you can get far working on your game on your own, you will still need to supplement with organized training from coaches. TAC Force Academy can help you to improve your game as we offer weekly lessons, basketball camps, house leagues, competitive teams and more ways you can play and be coached. To learn more about our programming click on the button below.


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